As a bit of a geek I have always had a keen interest in new online developments and cryptography. As a businessman I have always had a keen interest in money. As an old romantic when I first discovered bitcoins I immediately fell in love with them. I believe that if not bitcoins then something very much like bitcoins will become an incredibly powerful force in world finance in the future.

In many ways I am saddened that bitcoins are becoming so mainstream that large banks are starting to look to acquire bitcoins and put them in investment funds. The crypto-anarchist in me always felt that bitcoins were a wonderful ‘up yours’ to the system. But it would appear that in the not too distant future that the majority of them will actually be owned by banks. However, the businessman in me has seem my bitcoin holdings sore in value – so I just quelled the crypto-anarchist voice in my head and got on with business.

I have made this site which I have devoted to all things bitcoin. Should you wish to contact me about bitcoins – please do so via this site. That is what it is there for.