Previously unpublished pictures of Charles, Prince of Wales

Sadly earlier this year my grandmother passed away. I have recently been working my way though her possessions and came across some old photos she must of taken of Charles, Prince of Wales.

The prince appears to be preparing for a hunt with dogs (something now outlawed in the UK on the grounds that it is barbaric.) However, times were different then and activities like this were commonplace.

I have no idea where or when these photos were taken – he is clearly quite young in them. If anyone out there knows when or where these might have been taken I would love to hear from you as sadly my grandmother is not here to answer my questions. I do have some relatives that may be able to shed some light on what she was up to and where these photos came from but they would probably help from having their minds jogged.

I will post helpful information I have received from form posts as well below. With the forum members help I believe that I may have been able to narrow down the time frame for the taking of these photos to 1968 to 1973.

Cepe said:

“Prince Charles favourite hunt is that of the Duke of Beaufort. Here is the link
Home Page
Perhaps if you contact them, they can help.I was uncertain because members used to have beige lapels to their hunting coats but I could so easily be wrong. Contact them and if it helps, let us know.”

Shay said:

“Using pictures of his investiture as Prince of Wales and his first wedding may help narrow down the approx. date of your photos.  Just his hairline is a tell-tale sign, and the fact that the length of his hair goes beyond the collar of his coat leads me to believe it may have been in his very early 20s.”

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