Raising money for Leukemia and Lymphoma research through art.

When I’m not blogging, repairing computers, making websites etc… I like to paint. I have run out of room at my studio for more work and am selling off my existing collection to raise money for charity. Sadly my grandmother died from this form of cancer and I want to do my best to help other people who suffer from this condition. Here is an example of my work that sold this morning as someone made a donation to my just giving page:

This is a small work and raised £37.50 for my chosen cause. Should you wish to browse my entire collection please visit my facebook page where you can find all of my existing work – or my website http://art.garrywalker.com.

Please like my page and if you would like to purchase a painting then please private message me to check availability. Then assuming it is available make me an offer – and I will probably accept it. Then send me your address details or collect it in person and it’s yours.

If you don’t care for a painting you are still more than welcome to make a donation to my just giving page. Here are the details:

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

If you like my style but the painting you want is gone – or you have a specific idea or theme in mind then I am happy to produce you a one off bespoke work for the right price. £50 – £200 would be appropriate depending on the size of the painting you want. Your canvas options and your choice of frame (if required).

Thankyou, and please give generously.

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  1. Tony Oliver says:

    Keep up the good work mate.

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