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Hello, I’m Garry Walker. This is my personal website. I’m not really sure why I need such a thing with the advent of facebook etc. but the idea of someone else owning the .com of my own name upset me a lot more than it should have done. So here the site is.

I’m currently in my 30s and live in a leafy suburb of London, England.

In my spare time I like to paint, fix things and make music. I also have a keen interest in the property market and in crypto-currencies such as bitcoin. If I were a richer man I would probably give all that up and indulge in my true passion which is travel.

If for whatever reason you would like to say hello please use the contact form below. However, please be aware that I do receive a lot of emails and can’t get back to everyone in person – I do read most of them though so if you make it interesting enough then im sure I will. If I actually know you – you would be much better looking me up on facebook – to which I am constantly connected.

Here are links to my various social networking accounts. (I’m unlikely to add you on facebook if I don’t know you – however, you are welcome to follow me).




Thankyou for stopping by and please take some time to have a look around my site.


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